National Disability Insurance Scheme

12 Dec 2018

WAAMH influences national NDIS policy through CMHA

NDIS policy is a national affair. WAAMH’s primary strategy to influence these federal policy settings is to provide advice and channel Western Australian voices to contribute to the work of the community sector’s national peak – Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA).

21 Nov 2018

NDIS Psychosocial Disability Forum

Videos and slides of presentations for consumers and service providers relating to NDIS and psycho-social disability.

10 Aug 2017

CMHA submission: Position Paper - Productivity Commission on National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Costs

CMHA Submission to the NDIS Costs – Productivity Commission Paper states that the point of quality is getting lost in the focus on scheme costs.

5 Dec 2016

Media Release - Inquiry points to work still to do on NDIS and psycho-social disability

WHILE the future governance of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Western Australia was recently decided, there are still key issues relating to psycho-social disability under the scheme which need to be addressed.

11 Jul 2016

WAAMH Submission - Review of the National Disability Advocacy Program

Informed by the Communities of Practice, WAAMH’s submission to the National Disability Advocacy Program honed in on consumer's, carer's and sector organisation's calls for strong independent advocacy to be available for people wishing to access the NDIS. It supported Consumers of Mental Health WA (CoMHWA)’s recommendation for peer advocacy to be a form of advocacy specifically recognised by the program.

7 Apr 2016

WAAMH’s Position on the Future Governance of the NDIS in WA

WAAMH supports the trial of two models in WA which provide an opportunity to ensure that issues for people with a psychosocial disability are attended to in all aspects. WAAMH does not recommend the adoption of one governance model for the NDIS in WA over another. Rather, WAAMH has identified the key principles which it considers must underpin the future governance of the NDIS in this state. Read here for more information.

16 Nov 2015

Submission to the Commissioning of the Information, Capacity Building and Linkages Framework

WAAMH thanks all participants for their valued involvement in our survey and consultation workshop, which yielded a wealth of information that we were able to utilise in a document which supports the position on maintaining the strength of Partners in Recovery and other mental health programs. This submission is underpinned by a number of assumptions and recommendations which are grounded in the context of a policy and funding landscape which is evolving. The NDIS is only one part of a broader system that offers programs and supports for people with psychosocial disability and as such, it is essential that the Commissioning Framework for ILC is considered alongside the government’s response to the MHC’s ‘Contributing lives, thriving communities - Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services.’ We also recommended that the ILC fund specific supports to enable possible mental health consumers to engage with the scheme, test their eligibility and navigate the system so that they can access needed services.

16 Oct 2015

Submission to the NDIS Act Rules and Review

Following strong sector and member input WAAMH has developed a submission to the Review of the NDIS Act and Rules being undertaken by Ernst and Young for the NDIA. The Act and Rules together comprise the legislative framework for the NDIS and have very important impacts on how the NDIS is operationalised and experienced by people. Our submission detailed the issues being faced for people with psychosocial disability in the NDIS trial sites in Western Australia. It made a number of recommendations about how the Act and Rules could be amended to equitably meet the support and advocacy needs of people with psychosocial disability including in the following areas: objects and principles of the Act, access and eligibility including permanency of disability, planning and review, ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports including recovery and clinical issues, and advocacy and support to access and navigate the NDIS.

7 Aug 2015

Review of National Disability Advocacy Framework - WAAMH Submission

Our submission focuses on the extent to which the Framework requires change to enable it to better meet the advocacy needs of people with psychosocial disability, in the fast-changing context of the disability and mental health sectors, including the roll-out of the NDIS.