Systemic Advocacy

By drawing on the expertise and experience of our members, including community mental health service providers, consumers and carers, WAAMH advocates locally and nationally for effective public policy on mental health issues.
We always like to hear new perspectives and feedback regarding our consultations, submissions and advocacy priorities.
We welcome you to contact us with your views.

Engagement and Consultation

17 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Sector Representation

WAAMH's response to the COVID-19 situation, including the community mental health sector consultation conducted for pandemic scenario planning, and resulting report.

State Govt Policy and Funding

12 May 2020

Media Release: Prevent Support Heal launch

The crucial role of WA’s mental health community supports are in the spotlight as part of new State Election campaign, Prevent Support Heal, launched by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) to secure a boost in funding for WA community mental health services to address the persistent over-reliance and expenditure on hospital-based services. Community mental health services have proven their weight in gold during the COVID-19 pandemic supporting people with mental health challenges in their own homes, and often remotely, to ensure hospitals are available to respond to the virus. Despite increased demand and shifting to an isolated work environment, the response by the community mental health sector has vindicated the long-held call for proper and immediate increased investment in community-based services now and beyond the pandemic.


03 Mar 2020

Gerry Naughtin Presentation Slides: Improving the NDIS for people with psychosocial disability in and out of the Scheme.

Presentation slides provided by Gerry Naughtin, Strategic Adviser Mental Health to the NDIA, from the event hosted by WAAMH on the 26 February 2020.


26 Jun 2020

'A Safe Place' Mental Health Accommodation and Support Strategy

The long-awaited accommodation support strategy has been released and WAAMH welcomes its delivery after several years of development. The focus on improving access to safe and stable accommodation is especially welcomed as safe, affordable housing and mental wellbeing are intrinsically connected.

Justice Systems

07 Dec 2019

Still waiting for CLMIA draft Bill

WAAMH CEO Taryn Harvey spoke to the ABC about the implications of delays to reform the CLMIA Act being introduced to Parliament and how the deadlines for being able to review the draft have been continually pushed back since August 2019.

Commonwealth reform and funding

07 Feb 2020

WAAMH Submission: Response to Productivity Commission Draft Report

In November 2019, WAAMH spoke at the Perth hearing for the Productivity Commission, unpacking their Draft Report into Mental Health. Our presentation resulted in requests for two additional meetings with the Productivity Commissioners who sought to understand our perspective on governance and commissioning reform, and the need for the PC to truly embrace a consumer and family perspective into their work, as well as IPS. Our latest submission unpacks the strengths and weaknesses of the Draft Report, arguing for major reform. Balancing the system to adequate investment in prevention, social determinants and psychosocial and community support is urgently needed to improve mental health outcomes. Sound, robust and strategic governance, commissioning and lived experience leadership, and policy implementation will be required to address the increasing social and economic burden of mental health and suicide on the nation. The submission aims to inform the final report and recommendations due for release in May 2020.