Our response to the COVID pandemic led us to establish a new online community co-designed to connect people with an interest in community mental health practice to resources, industry updates, career opportunities and to share with each other. Come explore the Collaborative and Responsive Engagement (CARE) Hub with us.

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Specialising in assisting community organisations and services to implement evidence-based supported employment following the internationally acclaimed Individual Placement and Support model.

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Prevent. Support. Heal.

Prevent Suport Heal is a new initiative bringing people together to tell our pollies to properly fund mental health community supports and prevention programs, in line with the Government’s own plan, ahead of the State Election on 13 March 2021 - not long to go!

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Prevent Support Heal is an initiative of your community mental health peak body

Learn about and contribute to advocacy for improved public policy and human rights in mental health.

Discover community activities and resources which promote mental health awareness and social inclusion.

Develop your ability to deliver recovery-oriented, person-centered and family-inclusive service.

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Our vision: As a human right, every one of us will have the resources and support needed for mental wellbeing, recovery and citizenship.