The fourth Western Australian Mental Health Conference is coming your way 12-13 May 2022 at Perth's very own shiny Optus Stadium, with the theme: 'Working together: a shared purpose'. The conference aims to develop, strengthen and support WA’s mental health sector, and will inspire collaborative opportunities for people with lived experience, clinical staff and non-clinical mental health workers; and professionals whose work relates to wellbeing and safety. Join us in sharing resources, perspectives and best practice.

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Specialising in assisting community organisations and services to implement evidence-based supported employment following the internationally acclaimed Individual Placement and Support model.

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IPS Works is a dedicated unit with in WAAMH, currently providing technical support to nearly 50 sites around Australia to implement IPS and help people find meaningful, competitive employment as a part of their mental health recovery.
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A national week celebrated each year around World Mental Health Day on October 10

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Find support lines and sites, strategies and tips, plus recommended Apps, websites, books, experts and more!

Info on children and mental health here

Learn about and contribute to advocacy for improved public policy and human rights in mental health.

Discover community activities and resources which promote mental health awareness and social inclusion.

Develop your ability to deliver recovery-oriented, person-centered and family-inclusive service.

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Our vision: As a human right, every one of us will have the resources and support needed for mental wellbeing, recovery and citizenship.