Engagement & Consultation

3 Oct 2019

Members invited to join our committees and advisory groups

We are seeking people for a range of roles.

28 Aug 2019

Share your training and development needs with us

We are asking the community mental health sector if they can please kindly share feedback on the Western Australian Association for Mental Health’s (WAAMH) Training and Workforce Development Program by 6 September - we know that's only next week!

13 Aug 2019

Share your feedback on community mental health services

We welcome feedback from service providers about mental health community support services purchased by the Mental Health Commission (MHC), their ability to meet people’s needs, and the impact of environmental context on these services.

23 Jul 2019

Survey - Accommodation project

WAAMH is working in partnership with Consumers of Mental Health WA (CoMHWA) and Mental Health Matters 2 (MHM2) on developing a draft referral pathway for consumers in supported accommodation. We are seeking consumer and family feedback about their experience and journey through supported accommodation, from the point of referral.

18 Jun 2018

How can service providers better support people who have both mental health and alcohol & other drug problems?

Despite the fact that 63 per cent of people who misuse substances have some sort of mental health challenge, it is the experience of many people that service providers are not well equipped to support them with the complexity that arises from this.

21 May 2018

Mental health services through the eyes of young people

Navigating the maze of services as a young person in mental distress can be sometimes be confusing, daunting and frustrating. What makes the difference between being able to find and connect with the right supports at the right time and having negative experiences that compound distress rather than help you on your recovery journey?

22 Jan 2018

National community mental health workforce position statement released

CMHA has released a workforce position statement, incorporating information from WAAMH and our member organisations.

24 Sep 2017

Speaking out about what matters: Regional, rural and remote mental health in WA. A consultation report

Report resulting from a consultation event held on 12th July 2017, attended by consumers, carers and organisational representatives from regional, rural and remote areas of WA

11 Jul 2017

Operational Plans for Systemic Advocacy: Feedback from the Community Mental Health Leadership Network

At WAAMH’s member engagement event ‘The Community Mental Health Leadership Network’, WAAMH presented on the Board’s recently developed Strategic Plan, and consulted on draft operational plans for systemic advocacy.

10 May 2017

Lived Experience Partnership Payments Policy

WAAMH values consumer and carer involvement and remunerates people with lived experience for their contribution to help informing our work, in accordance with this policy.