Systemic Advocacy

By drawing on the expertise and experience of our members, consumers and carers, WAAMH advocates locally and nationally for effective public policy on mental health issues.

Engagement & Consultation

18 Jun 2018

How can service providers better support people who have both mental health and alcohol & other drug problems?

Despite the fact that 63 per cent of people who misuse substances have some sort of mental health challenge, it is the experience of many people that service providers are not well equipped to support them with the complexity that arises from this.

State Government Policy & Funding

6 Aug 2018

Mental health budget low down: more community-based support just a far-off hope?

This State Budget 2018-19 Member Briefing has been updated as of 6 August, based on information received from the Mental Health Commission and through parliament’s budget processes.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

23 Jan 2018

NDIS Mental Health Conference: overview of major themes

In November 2017, the WA Association for Mental Health, Community Mental Health Australia and Mental health Coordinating Council held the the National NDIS Mental Health Conference in Sydney. This conference report by CMHA provides a helpful overview of the major conference themes.

Justice Systems

7 Feb 2018

Media Release - Report details shocking treatment of WA prisoners with mental illness

THE WA Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) is calling for an urgent response to a Human Rights Watch report released today detailing shocking treatment of WA prisoners with mental health issues.

Commonwealth Reform & Funding

28 May 2018

WAAMH Submission: Accessibility and quality of mental health services in rural and remote Australia Senate Inquiry

WAAMH recently made a submission to the Federal government's senate inquiry into the Accessibility and quality of mental health services in rural and remote Australia.


29 Jan 2018

Draft MHC Accommodation and Support Strategy

WAAMH is eagerly awaiting the release of the draft Accommodation and Support Strategy, which the WA Mental health Commission intends to release for consultation soon.

Mental Health 10 Year Plan

16 May 2016

Media Release - Ten Year Plan Derailed By NGO Cuts in Budget

WAAMH believes the Ten Year Mental Health Services Plan has been derailed by savage cuts to the most under-resourced segment of the WA’s mental health system following the release of the State Budget 2016.