Systemic Advocacy

By drawing on the expertise and experience of our members, consumers and carers, WAAMH advocates locally and nationally for effective public policy on mental health issues.

Engagement & Consultation

14 Nov 2017

WAAMH draft Pre-Budget Submission for member consultation

Despite only one in five people currently being able to access the community mental health support they need, the State Government cut $5.8m of community services in the recent State Budget. WAAMH’s draft Pre-Budget Submission sets out what needs to change and we are currently seeking input from WAAMH members.

Mental Health under McGowan

11 Dec 2017

WAAMH Pre-Budget Submission

In our Pre-Budget Submission, WAAMH calls for a stronger focus on prevention, robust action to integrate system siloes and immediate additional funding to meet the $38 million gap in community support funding.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

10 Aug 2017

CMHA submission: Position Paper - Productivity Commission on National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Costs

CMHA Submission to the NDIS Costs – Productivity Commission Paper states that the point of quality is getting lost in the focus on scheme costs.

Justice Systems

15 May 2017

Community calls for CLMIA reform

WAAMH welcomed the opportunity to support Mental Health Matters 2's community discussion on reforming the Criminal Law Mentaly Impaired Accused Act.

Commonwealth Reform & Funding

10 Aug 2017

CMHA submission to Productivity Commission inquiry into competition, contestability and informed user choice to human services

WAAMH has worked closely with our national peak body Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA) to provide a WA perspective to these national inquiries.


22 Feb 2017

Housing, Homelessness and Mental Health Jurisdictional Workshop

Paid Participation Policy for consumers and carers in the National Mental Health Commission's workshop group in Perth.

Mental Health 10 Year Plan

16 May 2016

Media Release - Ten Year Plan Derailed By NGO Cuts in Budget

WAAMH believes the Ten Year Mental Health Services Plan has been derailed by savage cuts to the most under-resourced segment of the WA’s mental health system following the release of the State Budget 2016.