Workforce Development Project

WAAMH coordinated the Workforce Development project to identify the future workforce development needs of the community mental health sector (non-government organisations) and sectors beyond mental health that deliver mental health services.
The project was supported by the Mental Health Commission and will contribute to its Drug and Alcohol and Mental Health Workforce Development Strategy.
WAAMH's consultation period is now closed and the MHC produced a draft framework which was open for comment up until 29 August 2018.

WAAMH's feedback submission to the MHC's draft can be read here.

WAAMH developed its own report based on surveying as part of its submission to the MHC's Workforce Framework Draft, and detailed four levels of recommendations.

You can read WAAMH's original Workforce Framework submission here.

If you have any questions in regards to this or would like your feedback to be collated as part of WAAMH's response, please email WAAMH Policy Officer Colin Penter at