Collaborative and Responsive Engagement (CARE) Hub

The Collaborative and Responsive Engagement (CARE) Hub brings together individuals involved in the community mental health sector and related sectors to communicate and collaborate on issues important to them, so that we can successfully navigate challenges faced by the sector, increase its capacity, and achieve a positive benefit for the community.

Who is it for?

The CARE Hub is designed for people involved in mental health in WA. This includes people working or volunteering in the mental health sector, people who are studying to enter the sector are also very welcome, and we actively encourage the voices of lived experience from consumers and carers to join too. 

What does it involve?

Informed by a series of scenario planning sessions facilitated by WAAMH in response to COVID- 19, the CARE hub has been funded to provide the following types of support:

Stream 1- Online communities of practice where hub members can come together to learn from one another, share ideas and provide a sounding board for complex issues.

Stream 2- An online repository of practice frameworks and tools to be shared by all members. Members can share what they find useful or consider to be good practice, or tools can be generated by working groups formed to address a specific need.

Stream 3- Online Workforce Development. Online training sessions provided by WAAMH and/or in collaboration with other bodies and organisations. These will cover some core elements of working in community mental health (e.g. trauma informed practice), and many will be pitched at an introductory level suitable for those new to the sector.

Stream 4- Communications and consultation. A source of sector updates, opportunities for networking, mutual support and connection.

Stream 5- Recruitment and redeployment. A place for members to skills match opportunities with those available for positions and placements. This can help the sector to react quickly to any future changes brought about by COVID-19 or other events, should some roles in the sector become untenable due to restrictions while there is demand for redeployment elsewhere.

How do I join?

The CARE Hub is still in development and will be entering the co-design phase in November. 
Any questions or comments can be directed to or by calling the CARE Hub team on (08) 6246 3000