Our Training Facilitators

  Angie Roche

Angie enjoys working in the education and community sectors and has done so for over 15 years. She holds a Masters in Health Promotion, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and a Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs. Angie has worked in the Sexual Health, Blood-borne Virus and Alcohol and Other Drugs sectors. She has worked in Suicide Prevention as a Case Manager supporting the construction and mining industries and continues to work as a LivingWorks Suicide Prevention trainer. As a Life Coach, Angie works with mums living with anxiety, to parent playfully in alignment with their values. When not working, Angie can be found at the beach with her family, playing in the salty waters of the Indian Ocean.

  Cath Ashton

Cath holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Health, a Certificate IV Trainer and Assessor and is also a Principal Master Instructor for the Standard, Youth and Workplace Mental Health First Aid courses. Cath has over 20 years professional experience and has worked as a consultant and in facilitation role in the UK and Australia in the Mental Health Sector. 

She has extensive experience in Suicide Prevention, Conducting Coronial Psychological Autopsy Audits, Health Promotion, Education, Child and Adolescent Health, Eating Disorders, FIFO and the Resource Industry in Mental Health. Cath has also completed work for the Victoria Police Forensic Mental Health SME, WA Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention Network Co-ordinator and delivered Mental Health training for major Corporates and the Government. Cath has also lectured at North Metro TAFE Community Pathways. 

Please enter an image description.    Emma Boyne

Emma Boyne holds a Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion and has extensive experience working in health promotion and community development programs. 

Emma is a highly skilled facilitator and accredited as a Master Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor who delivers training to a wide variety of workplaces, the tertiary setting and community groups. Emma also holds Certificate IV in Training and Development and Mental Health.

More recently Emma coordinated the development of a university wide framework for mental health and wellbeing. Emma enjoys working with workplaces to build strategies that create an environment and culture that is conducive to wellbeing.

Please enter an image description.  Hayley Grant

Hayley is an experienced registered Psychologist and holds a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Certificate IV in Training and Development, a Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety and is a qualified Mental Health First Aid Trainer.

Hayley draws on many years delivering psychological services, counseling and training in the public and private mental health sectors. Working directly in the community mental health sector, she has extensive skills and knowledge related to the assessment, treatment, support and advocacy of people with a mental illness.

Please enter an image description.  Jo Fletcher

Jo has an extensive background in mental health as a mental health nurse, educator, consultant and board member. She has 30 years of clinical practice in the mental health field, both locally and abroad. Jo has worked and provided supervision in both the acute hospital and community setting here in Australia and overseas.

She is passionate about the health of her community and loves the challenge of promoting health through innovative and evidence-based education. She has taught at Universities in Australia, Africa and Asia. Her experience of Ubuntu “I am what I am because of who we all are” underpins her commitment to positive change today particularly in the area of trauma.

  Kathleen Chinn

Kathleen has extensive experience in mental health and community services,   and has provided accredited and non  accredited  training at various industries,  such as  Lecturer at North Metro TAFE,   Women's Health Family Services (WHFS) and WAAMH.  She  has also  delivered workshops and events to a number of different diverse groups, including peer support workers, consumers, parents and families, students,  clinical psychologists.  Kathleen has over 11 years training  and facilitation experience.    In addition, Kathleen is extremely passionate about supporting  consumers,  and recognises the importance's of  reaching  the heart of the community,  raising  diversity awareness; breaking down misconceptions,  and that recovery is possible no matter your background.  

  Laura Fitzgerald

Laura has over ten years’ experience working in the area of mental health, counselling and mediation and is passionate about training and facilitation in these areas. She is currently completing her Masters in Professional Psychology, and has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Drawing on her expertise in these areas, she has over seven years’ experience in facilitating trauma-informed training on topics such as family violence, suicide prevention, workplace mental health and communication skills. This work has taken her throughout Western Australia and interstate.

Laura is particularly passionate about honouring and learning from the voices of lived experience, and destigmatising mental distress. She is adept at facilitation in a variety of contexts, including corporate management, community and clinical staff and the general public.

 Leonie Auld

Leonie worked as a wellness coach for many years and has been a trainer and assessor for over seven years in both private and Government run RTO’s.  In her more recent roles, Leonie has been researching and writing content for online and face to face workshops in the NFP community services sector.

Her formal qualifications are a Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Fitness, Certificate IV Training and Assessment and Mental Health First Aid.   She volunteered as a Telephone Crisis Supporter at Lifeline WA for several years and has recently trained in happiness coaching and Intentional Peer Support (IPS). 

Leonie has contributed to raising awareness and reducing stigma as a lived experience speaker, being invited to speak at several events and interviewed and featured on the ABC.   

Mark Davies

Mark has extensive experience in both the mental health and disability sectors and has provided accredited and non accredited training in both  community and corporate settings.  

Prior to focusing on training and facilitation he oversaw the development of face to face and online peer led mental health community based support groups both in the metropolitan and regional areas of WA. Mark also has significant experience in the disability employment services sector here in Australia and as a coordinator in the UK for local government supporting individuals with disabilities to live independently within the community.           

He is an accredited instructor of Standard Mental Health First Aid, Blended Online MHFA Community and also MHFA Conversations about Suicide. Mark regularly delivers these training sessions to regional communities as well as government departments and corporate businesses.  Mark is passionate about education and raising awareness around mental health issues by providing accurate evidence based information with practical solutions.  Mark has been very committed to reducing the stigma around mental health in our communities, enabling individuals to access the appropriate support they require whilst having the skills and confidence to support others in need.   

  Philip Gatt

Phil Gatt has 10 years professional experience in counselling, including working with young people, adults, couples, groups and significant others as well as the supervision and mentoring of beginning clinicians.  Phil also has 10 years experience teaching English and a foreign language in Australia and overseas. 

A published author and online course developer, Phil wrote Smooth guide to self-knowledge and From rebel to revelry. Phil also teaches meditation and yoga.  Phil has a Masters of Science (Envi. Sci); Masters of Counselling and Post-Graduate Diploma in Relationship and Family Therapy.

Shannon Calvert  Shannon Calvert

Shannon Calvert is a lived experience professional, having experienced longstanding mental health challenges and illness. Her expertise lies in collaborating alongside clinicians, researchers, and organisations that champion wellbeing through education, training, and supervision. Advocating for person-centred, recovery-oriented and integrated best practice, Shannon works as a Consumer Advisor and Mental Health Trainer.

Shannon is a keynote and international plenary speaker. She has presented papers and workshops at local, national and international conferences on the importance of compassion in treatment interventions, consumer and carer engagement in policy design and education, as well as her personal lived experience of end of life as a carer, and having a severe and enduring eating disorder and trauma.

With a renowned dedication for eating disorders, mental health and palliative care reform, Shannon represents and supports the activities of all professionals working in the field of health and mental health. She currently sits on several national and state boards, committees and working groups, mainly Palliative Care, Mental Health and Eating Disorder Specific.

 Suzanne Herrity

Suzanne has completed a BSc (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy in 2010 in Ireland via Middlesex University in the UK and has worked in a variety of training roles in the Mental Health space including delivery of Accidental Counsellor, Mental Health Awareness, Anxiety & Depression workshops and Trauma Information sessions.

Suzanne is a qualified and practicing PACFA Clinically Registered Psychotherapist and a Training Coach in the area of Mental Health and Wellness. She is an integrative Psychotherapist that incorporates mind and body based approaches in Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions and works with Individuals, Couples and Groups as well as offering programs and workshops for Psycho - Emotional Wellness. Suzanne has also worked with a variety of people with diagnosed Mental Health issues and supported them through the NDIS System. 

Please enter an image description.  Wilma Edwards

Wilma has significant experience as a counsellor and educator in the torture/trauma arena specifically working with the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) population.  She has worked at the processing centres on Manus Island and Nauru, and spent two years undertaking trauma and education work in Cambodia.

Guest speakers

Some of our training packages also feature inspiring consumers and carers who are able to offer their own personal and unique perspective of recovery, service provision and engagement with the mental health sector.

Guest speakers are rotated according to their availability and student needs, but each course features a range of valuable perspectives to complement the core content of the course.