Interactive learning Sessions

WAAMH has redeveloped several of its most popular courses for delivery across an online platform. This new method of training delivery means mental health training and sector development opportunities are now accessible for individuals and organisations right across the state!

The Interactive Learning Session (ILS) stream is a fully engaging learning environment, requiring participation for all attendees. WAAMH's talented trainers have both mental health practice experience and online facilitation skills that make these a fantastic alternative to face-to-face training.

ILS courses are available as Contract Courses, delivered on site at your preferred location, and are also included in WAAMH's schedule of Semester Training Courses. 

ILS Structure

ILS courses are delivered via the online conferencing platform, Zoom. They are password protected learning spaces where participants are encouraged to use the interactive features of the platform to enhance their learning experience.
Courses are divided into 3.5 hour sessions, usually conducted over consecutive days.
As some courses have a lot of content, they require 4 x sessions, while most require 2 x sessions.

Browse the range of WAAMH training courses available in the ILS format below. 

Interactive Learning Session Course Catalogue 

Course Duration
De-escalation Skills 2 x sessions
Positive Psychology Skills 2 x sessions
Being Trauma Responsive 2 x sessions
Recovery and Recovery Planning  2 x sessions
Everyday Counselling Skills 2 x sessions
Safe Professional Boundaries 2 x sessions 
Mental Health Challenges in People with Disability 2 x sessions
Older People and Mental Health 2 x sessions
Understanding Grief and Loss 2 x sessions 
Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs 2 x sessions