Mental Health Response Box

"Don't just tick the box on mental health, provide the Box." - Brain Ambulance CEO Deb Reveley

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This is not your usual First Aid Kit. The purpose of the Mental Health Response Box is to provide workers with an easily identifiable physical box to seek help for themselves or others just as they would locate and identify a first aid kit should they require something for a physical problem.
The Mental Health Response Box was developed mental health training and education facilitators Brain Ambulance, and is supported by WAAMH. The kit does not require training, just as the user does not need to be trained or skilled in using some of the items in a basic first aid kit to be of use to themselves or others.  The box contains practical information to direct and inform the user in different situations.

What is the aim?

The aim of the box is to help humans to be human.  Not all mental health scenarios are related to crisis situations. Mental health issues and illnesses can take a while to form and therefore can take a while to move on from.  The Mental Health Response Box provides identifiable elements of response being:

  1. Signals - what you might notice - trying to take the emphasis away from symptoms and diagnosis
  2. Helping Yourself – a better understanding of when I need to take care of myself and encouraging the use of available resources such as their Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  3. Helping Others – what to do, and say when we are asked for help or if we are wanting to offer help
  4. Crisis – What to do and not do in a crisis and seeing the importance of workplaces having a trained Mental Health First Aider available
  5. Next Steps- encouraging understanding of recovery as part of the process for you or others.

Who can use it?

The Mental Health Response Box is ideal to keep in a central, communal place in your workplace alongside the first aid kit for physical injuries. Staff rooms, kitchens or central admin areas are ideal. The kits are also suitable for the home, schools, universities and government departments.


$295 inclusive of GST and postage. 

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