• 10 Sep 2019

    Time: 09:00 - 20:19

    World Suicide Prevention Day 2019 - Working Together to Prevent Suicide

    Community Event

    Take a minute to think about the pain and suffering felt by every single person impacted by suicide. This year's theme highlights the most essential ingredient for effective global suicide prevention: Collaboration. Suicide is a whole-of-community issue within which we all have a role to play, and together we can collectively address the challenges presented by suicidal behaviour in society today.

    The World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people die by suicide each year – that’s one person every 40 seconds.

    In Australia more than 2800 people die each year with latest figures (2016) telling us that 2,866 Australians took their own life.

    Recent research tells us that hundreds of Australians are impacted by each suicide death and that some 65,000 people attempt suicide each year and hundreds of thousands of people think of suicide.

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