• 11 Oct 2018

    Time: 09:00 - 17:00

    Un-fair ground 2018

    Community Event, Conference

    This two-day conference hosted by YACWA, takes place every two years as an opportunity for the youth sector to network, share ideas and common experiences whilst focusing on statewide issues of importance to young people and the sector.

    It brings local and national thought-provoking ideas to the table to tackle some of our community’s biggest issues impacting young people and the youth sector.

    Each day you will be taken on a journey. YACWA wants you to be inspired, think deeply and find your own way to create action.

    Each day will have three stages:

    1. Be inspired – It will take proven solutions to complex problems from around the world and apply them to WA inspiring and motivating delegates for the day.
    2. Think deeply – There will be deep and meaningful discussions, sharing of ideas and local knowledge, thinking divergently, and walking away with a better collective understanding of the ‘why’ to each of these important issues.
    3. Create action – Work together to turn insights into action and walk away with a clear direction and purpose.

    Over the two days the conference will be tackling six of our community’s greatest challenges, hearing examples of solutions from around Australia and internationally, thinking deeply into how these issues impact on young people and most importantly working collectively to create action.

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    State Theatre Centre, Northbridge, WA


    • Price: $480.00

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