Mentally Healthy Workplace Award

This award recognises a WA workplace that encourages excellent mental health for its staff and volunteers through initiatives, programs, procedures, policies and/or organisational culture.
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2022 Winner:

Roy Hill

Roy Hill is a mining company based in WA’s Pilbara region, with its core business focusing on iron ore mining and rail and port projects. Roy Hill recognises mental health is just as important as physical health and safety. It has demonstrated a commitment to providing a positive, mentally healthy and inclusive workplace environment. Roy Hill has extensive support options available to employees who may experience mental health challenges or emotional distress, which fall within three categories: initial support, specialised support and return to work; with various health and wellbeing professionals, services and programs. This three-tired approach ensures staff are provided appropriate support for the different stages and circumstances of the individual’s situation and recovery; while supporting them effectively as they return to work to improve their quality of life and emotional wellbeing and provide a sense of purpose through meaningful and fulfilling work. More broadly, Roy Hill has focused on establishing a community culture within the workplace that fosters inclusion, empathy, respect and for individuals to feel empowered to reach their full potential.

2022 Finalists:


AMCAP is a distributor service in the automotive and industrial sectors. AMCAP strives to support employees who are/have experienced mental health challenges and emotional distress through education and awareness of its employees, supporting charities that are focused on people experiencing a personal crisis and or illness with far-reaching physical and psychological impacts to maintain a positive quality of life, along with fundraising initiatives and thoughtful partnerships with organisations aligned to its values. During 2021 AMCAP supervisors and managers were provided with a series of Mentally Healthy Workplace Training workshops, which were tailored to suit the organisation and leaders, and helped build awareness and confidence around mental health in the workplace. AMCAP has been a long-time collaborator and supporter of mental health organisations, including Lifeline, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Movember. It has continued to implement initiatives and fundraising to promote positive mental health and the prevention of mental health challenges throughout the WA community.


PageGroup is one of the largest and most respected recruitment agencies in Australia. As well as providing assistance to businesses and individuals, PageGroup has demonstrated a great commitment to supporting people in its team who experience mental health challenges by working to create a professional environment that promotes safety, support, inclusion and healing. The organisation has trained nine Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) officers across its Australian business to help recognise and respond to those experiencing mental health challenges. MHFA officers can help individuals enact an action plan for effective care and support. PageGroup understands some people may not feel comfortable disclosing the distress to a line manager or the human resources department, so a MHFA officer is another avenue for impartial, confidential assistance. PageGroup also has an independent employee assistance program (EAP) for its staff and family members which provides short-term counselling-based support 24/7, 365 days of the year. With the purpose statement: “PageGroup changes lives”, the company has developed a positive workplace culture that encourages inclusivity, teamwork, equity and diversity. PageGroup staff are also encouraged to promote positive mental health and workplace culture externally towards their clients, contractors and wider communities.

Strong Minds, Strong Mines

Strong Minds, Strong Mines (SMSM) is an advocacy-driven organisation based in Perth, with the aim to provide a support network and services to distant workers in the fly-in, fly-out/drive-in, drive-out industry who may be suffering from mental health challenges. With mental health being at the heart of SMSM as an organisation, it is highly valued and prioritised for its staff and clients. SMSM offers a range of workshops, activities and access to a lifestyle team app that centres around physical and mental health and the importance of community growth. Employees are taught basic physical exercises that help them hack their happy hormones. Activities and tips available through the app are accessible to employees at any time. Ensuring that feelings, worries and anxieties don’t build up internally, employees are taught to be accepting enough to try and understand their own feelings and be able to freely talk about them. This is done by first learning how to recognise their emotions, accept them for what they are, and then figure out how to release those emotions in a way that doesn't cause harm to others or themselves. In doing so, staff are encouraged to become more aware of what triggers certain feelings so they can learn how to avoid those situations altogether or take steps towards making sure that no harm comes from those situations occurring again.