Nomination guidelines

Nominations will open on Tuesday, 4 June 2019 and will close Friday, 5 July 2019.

Anyone can nominate with individuals, organisations or groups, and self-nominations all welcomed.

Nominees must be currently based in Western Australia nominating for Western Australian mental health initiatives.

All nominations must reflect initiatives, projects, work or change outcomes that took place during the 2018 calendar.

If you are nominating an individual, organisation or group other than your own, you must seek their approval prior to submitting the nomination.

Please note category sponsors are ineligible to apply for that particular category but welcome to apply for any other categories.

Please read the Nomination Guide for all the conditions of entry.

Nominate online

To nominate for one of the following award categories, please click the heading below and you will be taken to an online nomination form:

Promotion or Prevention Award

Consumer Impact & Inspiration Awards

Diversity Award

Mental Health Employee Excellence Award

Mentally Healthy Workplace Award

Mentally Healthy Education Award

Mental Health News Media Award

Innovation for Change Award