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The News Media Award recognises excellence in journalism and reporting on mental health.

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Since 2002, OUTinPerth has kept WA's LGBTIQ+ community connected as the state's only dedicated, independent LGBTIQ+ publication, continuing the work of its spiritual predecessor, Westside Observer. In 2016, the previous company that owned the publication went into liquidation, and then editor Graeme Watson and journalist Leigh Andrew Hill rallied the community for the assistance they would need to buy the title and ensure LGBTIQ+ stories continue to be told in WA. Sadly the exorbitant cost of printing in WA led the duo to make the tough decision to end production of the print magazine in 2019, but the shift to an online format has only seen readership continue to rise locally, nationally and around the globe, making OUTinPerth one of the most-read LGBTIQ+ websites in Australia. Watson and Hill now serve as co-owners of media company Speirins Media Pty Ltd, and co-editors of OUTinPerth.

ABC Radio Perth Saturday Breakfast regular mental health segment Inside Out
Christine Layton is the Saturday Breakfast Presenter at ABC Radio Perth. She took a pretty windy road into media life. Christine attributes her success to the mental health professionals that helped her along the way.
Tasha Broomhall is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with the University of Notre Dame and her work has been recognised with the ICCWA Suicide Prevention Award and recently as a finalist in the LiFE Awards for Excellence in Suicide Prevention. Tasha is also the Director of Blooming Minds and has partnered with organisations and communities to develop cultures of positive mental health and wellbeing for the past 17 years.
The segment aims to reduce stigma around mental health conditions by discussing appropriate language and communication techniques, while also arming the audience with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate their own relationships and life challenges. Christine and Tash offer a solutions-based approach to their fortnightly topics, which range from relationship struggles and attachment theories to managing colleagues with mental health conditions.