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ABC Drive Show

The ABC Radio Perth Drive show team is hosted by Geoff Hutchison and produced by Natalie Jones and Lucie Bell. Geoff has been broadcasting for many years and has been host of the ABC Radio Perth Drive show for the past couple of years. Drive aims to inform and entertain listeners, while encouraging local conversation about the people, places and issues in and around Perth.

This segment about burnout was broadcast on Wednesday 29 May, 2019 from 4.05pm - 4.30pm on ABC Radio Perth (720 the AM dial). The audio was then shared it online for those who missed it to reach a broader audience.

ABC Drive said this segment was a good example of the kind of healthy, non-judgmental discussion the media can foster about an often less well-recognised mental health condition. It used the WHO's recognition of this condition as a platform to launch a discussion about burnout. At first the team did not didn't anticipate the high level of demand there would be for talking about burnout on the radio, but quickly realised many people wanted to have their say with Geoff about it. Producers even had to cancel a story they were due to cover straight after this one, to allow space for the high volume of calls flowing in from listeners.

By having this open and inclusive discussion, ABC Drive hoped listeners felt less isolated in their experiences with burnout, and hopefully came away with some ideas about how to manage it and empowered to seek further help to do so.

Listen to the segment here: https://sway.office.com/niCcbZA5kUa4UWBm?ref=Link

Rhianna Mitchell, Seven West Media

Rhianna is a senior reporter with Seven West media and has been working in the media industry across newspapers, magazine and online, since 2003. She spent two years as the deputy Chief of Staff at The West Australian newspaper (2015 - 2017) and is now the social affairs editor at Seven West Media, working across The West Australian, The Sunday Times and STM and Play magazines.

In the second half of 2018, Rhianna spent two months researching and writing a series of in-depth articles on mental health and suicide in WA, aiming to shine a light on a subject too often kept in the shadows due to ongoing stigma. She spoke to people with lived experience, including West Australians who had lost loved ones to suicide, as well as medical experts, mental health advocates, government agencies and local charities to capture sensitively and accurately, the extent of the issue in WA. Framing the entire series was new data which showed WA had recorded its highest suicide rate in more than 20 years.

Rhianna said she came up with an idea for an in-depth series of articles to coincide with Mental Health Week, and across 10 days The West Australian gave prominence to mental health and suicide in the news pages. By sharing these powerful and heart breaking stories The West engaged readers and the community in a wider conversation. It also shone a light on the excellent work being done in the community - from a mother of a teenager who took his own life who had become part of a new Youth Focus group for parents and family members, to a community-led push in country WA to revive a town beset by tragedy and sadness, to a regional football club adopting a revolutionary mental health program, created by a former AFL footballer, which is changing lives.

She sought to tell family's stories sensitively and kept them informed of the process and the nature of the articles and her conversations took place over weeks in order for them to feel supported and reassured. The articles sought to break down stigma and encourage those suffering in silence to speak out and seek help. Rhianna spoke with care providers, charities, and mental health advocates and associations who painted a picture of a system in crisis which needed more funding and attention.

You can access Rhianna's articles here:

Rochelle Masters, 98.5FM

Rochelle Masters is a highly sought-after clinical psychologists, and since 2016, Rochelle has been a Radio host with 92.9FM, providing mental health education segments in collaboration with Heidi Anderson. Rochelle was featured on Heidi’s Mental-er Podcast where she had the opportunity to provide information about how to access a mental healthcare plan and advice for men suffering with mental health issues.

Since 2018, Rochelle has been a Radio host with 98.5fm as a fortnightly guest, providing information on mental health themes to an audience of 330,000. A link to some of the various radio segments that Rochelle has presented is below:

The mental health care plan and Mental Health First Aid (https://98five.com/drives-in-house-psychologist/)
Is there ‘A Key’ to a lasting relationship? (https://98five.com/keys-lasting-relationship/)
How tidying up can cheer you up (https://98five.com/how-tidying-up-can-cheer-you-up/

Rebecca Turner, ABC Perth

Rebecca has worked as a journalist for more than two decades, reporting from everywhere from small country towns, big Australian cities and sprawling Asian metropolises. For the past four years, she has been an award-winning, in-depth reporter for the ABC, covering a broad range of subject areas from mental health to politics to business.

In this finalist article entry, Rebecca uses the story of 'Isabel' to help the audience understand the impact of workplace bullying on mental health. 

She uses Isabel's story to encourage positive change: for employers to be aware of the often-devastating mental health impacts of bullying and to create mentally healthy workplaces.

The article explores the impact of workplace bullying in the modern workplace on the mental health of victims.
It uses the story of 'Isabel' to raise awareness of how devastating some common, but unhealthy, workplace behaviours can be. 

Isabel just wanted to work hard in a job she loved but was forced to leave when her mental health deteriorated after bullying.
This story strongly resonated with its tens of thousands of readers, many of whom got in contact to share their experiences of workplace bullying.

It also provides some useful tools for employers who want to create mentally healthy workplaces.

Read the story here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-16/workplace-bullying-an-epidemic-so-what-is-a-safe-workplace/9552456

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