Lived Experience Impact & Inspiration Award, presented by the Western Australian Mental Health Commission 

Rahul Seth 

A chartered accountant and mental health worker by profession, Rahul Seth has eight years’ experience working in the accounting sector and five years in the mental health sector. He is the founder of Perth’s largest mental health support group, Activate Mental Health, which has more than 3800 members via the social media platform Meetup. The group features volunteers who run fun social events for positive mental wellbeing, including walks in various interesting and interactive locations.

Rahul also works professionally as a National Disability Insurance Scheme support worker for the Mental Illness Fellowship of WA. Although he identifies with having a bipolar disorder diagnosis, it is well managed through maintaining strong social connections, a daily gratitude habit, lots of walking and working with healthcare professionals that assist with general maintenance of his mental health, good healthy boundaries and a self-care routine with variety. He has a strong support system, both personally and professionally, mainly due to how well he conducts himself in being personable and dedicated. 

Julian Pace 

At just 13 years old and in year 8, Julian Pace left school after being bullied and teased. He could not read or write properly and suffered severe dyslexia. He has since succeeded in teaching himself to read and write. 

In 2008, on Julian’s 21st birthday, his father took his own life. Within the next two years, his cousin died suddenly, and his best friend took their own life (within a week of each other). After these tragedies, Julian’s mental health plummeted. His dad had been a role model to him and was his best friend, and Julian’s life completely changed when his dad died. After the third death in two years, Julian became someone who hated himself and he went down the wrong path. He could not recognise himself in the mirror and attempted suicide multiple times.  

After a few years, Julian decided to change his life when he realised the amount of pain he was causing his mother, family and friends. He saw that happiness was a journey, not a destination and always needed working on. He learnt to change his ‘blueprint’ and wanted to help others. Julian wanted to prevent families from going through the pain that his did. While working with various foundations on awareness, Julian realised that awareness alone would not be enough to genuinely change behaviour Australia-wide. From here, he committed to creating his company – Happiness Co, which is underpinned by Julian’s passion and deep desire to create true widespread change around the world. 

Josh Langley 

Josh Langley is one of Australia’s most unique children’s authors, promoting mental and emotional wellbeing for primary school aged children through his books, presentations, online courses and charity work. Inspired by his own childhood trauma, he frames his messages around the philosophy, ‘What would I go back and tell my eight-year-old self to make him feel better about himself?’. That simple question led Josh to write and illustrate the ground-breaking Being You is Enough series of self-help books for kids, which includes:  

  • Being You is Enough (2016)
  • It’s OK to Feel the Way You Do (2018 Australian Book Industry Awards Small Publisher’s Children’s book of the Year) 
  • Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures Finding the good when things seem bad (2020)
  • Being Wildly Kind (2021)

Josh tours primary schools across WA with his Being You is Enough presentation, talking to kids about self-acceptance and emotional and mental resilience and shares elements of his personal story to show kids that they too can overcome setbacks and challenges in life.  His mental health advocacy has included him speaking about his life story and generalised anxiety disorder diagnosis at high schools and public events. He’s created and hosted video content for the Children’s Book Council of Australia WA branch and has built a series of online courses helping parents create a good mental health framework for their children.  

Josh is a true community role model, as his work and all his interactions with the community are aimed at creating a better society for all to live in. His enthusiasm and creativity are infectious, and his books and mental health advocacy work have a positive impact not just on families in WA, but also on his readers throughout Australia and even around the world. Josh’s messages are unique in that they are accessible to people from all walks of life and are relatable for children, parents, educators and child mental health professionals to easily understand and implement.   

Adam Przytula 

Adam Przytula is the founder and director of Armed For Life, which is a social enterprise company which has presented at WA schools for more than 10 years, as well as workplaces. As a teacher and chaplain, Adam founded Armed For Life in response to his own struggles with mental health challenges during adolescence and later life circumstances, resulting in him having suicide ideation at the age of 17. Having worked with children in later in life, he recognised the apparent mental health challenges and responded with the creation of five sessions centred on the topics of self-esteem, healthy relationships and resilience. Adam’s experience has led him to present more than 30 topics to over 500 WA schools, as well as experiences over in the eastern states and Cape Town, South Africa. Adam's personal experience of bullying and unhealthy relationships with family, friends and partners throughout his life has allowed for a relatable persona throughout his presentations, which has eased engagement among audiences.