Learn more about the Even Keel Diversity Award Finalists

The Diversity Award recognises an individual, organisation or group that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion, with an initiative that benefits a particular population group, i.e youth, CaLD, seniors, Aboriginal, LGBTI.

These are in no particular order

Spectrum Group - headspace Albany
Spectrum runs monthly social events for young people aged 12 to 25 who identify as LGBTIQA+. The events are free and located in the Albany area. Any young person can attend and do not need a referral to the group.
In 2014 it was identified that a lack of social connection was impacting the mental health of young LGBTIQA+ people in the community and the group was started. It has grown steadily and now hosts 10 events per year plus participates in Annual Pride Week, Christmas Pageant and youth events in the community. The group has grown in confidence with more events attracting media attention and allowing young people to speak to newspaper and radio about their experience growing up queer in regional WA. This sort of peer leadership is inspirational and is helping to build a stronger more resilient queer youth community in Albany.
Being coordinated by headspace Albany staff means there is a string connection with the mental health service, but the group is not specifically for young people accessing headspace services. There is a strong peer referral system where young people will encourage friends or family to attend and this is an ideal pathway for new young people to attend the group.

Bella Broadway
Bella Broadway was a key consultant for adapting the Livingworks ASIST program into an LGBTIQ+ specific version. Bella has also been engaged by Livingworks Australia to update the sfaeTALK training package for this purpose .
Over the last 4 years Bella has secured over $80,000 in funding to deliver free suicide prevention workshops to LGBTIQ+ groups and volunteers  and Bella has developed and delivered LGBTIQ+ Inclusive practice training to mental health, health, community service, Local Government and Corporate spaces across WA, building their capacity to respond to the needs of LGBTIQ+ people and reduce barriers to access. Each year the organisations that Bella has trained form part of a collaborative group entry in the Pride Parade, showing their visibility and commitment to the LGBTIQ+ community to provide safe and inclusive services.
Bella is a regular co host on RTR FM All Things Queer program, focusing on talking about mental health and wellbeing on LGBTIQ+ people. She is also a contributing writer to Out In Perth Magazine. During COVID 19 Bella delivered a session for YACWA designed to up skill youth workers on the emerging needs of LGBTIQ+ young people as a result of the specific affects of isolation and lockdown. -International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) is observed each May 17th For 3 years now, the the Neami National Perth Suicide Prevention Team engaged CAWA to partner to create a community event to mark IDAHOBIT. The aim of this event is to bring together Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and Health organisations and other business, groups and services and connect them with local LGBTIQ+ organisations, groups and services to increase their understanding of what one another does and build relationships that can enable future collaborations, knowledge and resource sharing that build the capacity of one another to do the work that they do for our community. 

South West Aboriginal Medical Service (SWAMS)
SWAMS provide transport for all patients. Our Mental Health team Kaat Darabiny (What you thinking?) consists of 6 persons. We bring a myriad of skills and knowledge which places us in a position that we can provide a transparent culturally secure service delivery. Our team prides itself on not contributing to tokenism. Four of our team members are local Noongar persons, two are recognised elders within the community. Collectively we are are team with tertiary qualifications which include - Social Work, Psychology, Education, Counselling, Addictions and Mental Health. Critical to this knowledge is also numerous "lived experiences" imperative in building relationships with our patients who in many case have been subject to excessive and complex traumas. Our ability to reach the community is broadened as we provide outreach, respectful and timely triage, crisis intervention, a multi-disciplinary referral pathway and we work across the lifespan within a holistic model of care and many evidence bases. We also acknowledge that were we at times may lack skills in a patient presentation we will exhaust our efforts to ensure the persons receiving optimal care and support. We recognise that health is interdependent on many facets and Kaat Darabiny is central to achieving good health. We subscribe to the Dr Tamara McKean's quote "It's about getting a balance between physical, mental, emotional, cultural and spiritual health. Health and healing are interwoven, which means that one can't be separated from the other. Much more than simply not being sick."

Clough believes their people are their best asset. This means that they place a huge importance on ensuring their people are in the best health they can be.
Managing your mental health is imperative. Clough strives to break down barriers to mental health access and community inclusion for a diverse group of people, particularly:
• Aboriginal or Torre Straight Islander
• Women • Men
• Regional Communities
• People with Disabilities
• Seniors
• Youth
• Children