The 2022 WA Mental Health Award categories:

Nominations have closed. Finalists will be announced during WA Mental Health Week (8-15 October). 

Minister's Award

Presented by the Minister for Mental Health the Hon. Amber-Jade Sanderson

This award is to celebrate an 'all star' and their overall outstanding contribution to mental health in WA. The Minister’s Award recognises someone who has displayed best practice at every level, a true dedication to service in the mental health sector in the 2021 calendar year and has proven to hold an all-round skills set to benefit the outcomes for people living with mental health challenges in our community, including their families and carers. 

Nominations for this award are open to any employee, leader, volunteer, advocate, person with lived experience, or maybe all of the above!

Lived Experience Impact & Inspiration Award 

Presented by the WA Mental Health Commission

This award celebrates the outstanding contribution to mental health in WA that an individual who identifies as having a lived experience (consumer, carer or family member) has made.

Nominations are open to any individual who identifies as having personal experience of a mental health challenge, or is a family member, carer or support person to someone who does.

While also having personal recovery achievements, the individual will have demonstrated how they have improved the lives and wellbeing of others in the community and/or raised awareness of mental health challenges in WA.

Mental Health Employee or Volunteer Excellence Award 

Presented by Act Belong Commit

This award recognises an outstanding contribution to mental health in WA by an individual employed or volunteering within WA's mental health sector (private, public or not-for-profit).

Nominations for this award are open to any individual who is a paid employee or volunteer (unpaid) within the mental health sector.

Innovation for Change Award 

Presented by Youth Focus

This award recognises outstanding innovation in driving change for better mental health in WA, through a specific initiative by an individual(s), organisation, group or project.

This award is open to any individual, organisation, group or project for a specific initiative.

Prevention or Promotion Award

Presented by Lifeline WA

This award celebrates an outstanding contribution to prevention and/or promotion in mental health in WA.

Nominations will have helped promote positive mental health, or prevent/reduce the impact of mental health issues. They will have demonstrated strong engagement with mental health consumers or the sector and/or the wider WA community.

Nominations are open to any individual, organisation, group or project.

Diversity Award 

Presented by Roshana Care Group

This award is for an individual, organisation or group that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion, with an initiative that benefits a particular population group – including, but not limited to – culturally and linguistically diverse, age, ability, Aboriginal people and LGBTQIA+.

Nominations are open to any individual, organisation or group.

Mentally Healthy Education Award

Presented by the Commissioner for Children and Young People of WA

This award recognises an education institution or individual educator who encourages positive mental health for students, staff and/or volunteers in WA.

Nominations are open to education institutions within WA and educators working in the state at an education institution.

Applicable education institutions can include early childhood learning centres, kindergarten, primary and high schools, universities, TAFE and registered training organisations (RTOs).

Mentally Healthy Workplace Award 

Presented by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA

This award recognises a WA workplace that encourages excellent mental health for its staff and volunteers through initiatives, programs, procedures, policies and/or organisational culture.

Nominations are open to any organisation operating within WA.

News Media Award

Presented by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health 

This award recognises excellence in journalism and reporting on mental health in WA.

Nominations for this award are open to a media professional (including freelancers) whose work was effective in contributing to a wider understanding of mental health and explored issues of importance; while also exhibiting best practice journalism and used recovery-oriented language when reporting on sensitive topics around mental health. They have demonstrated a strong understanding of mental health, mental health challenges, the mental health sector and/or the mental health system.

Nominations can be based on a single piece of work or multiple related pieces forming a series, and is open to all mediums, including print, audio or video broadcast (including podcasts, documentaries etc.) and digital/online media.

The nominated work must be written/produced by a WA-based media professional or WA media organisation, which was published/broadcast within the state or to a WA readership/audience.