Our National Presence

WAAMH works with other State peak body organisations around the nation to improve mental health in the community, which together form the member base for Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA), based in the Australian Capital Territory.

CMHA is a coalition of the eight state and territory peak community mental health organisations, established to provide leadership and direction in promoting the benefits of community mental health and recovery services across Australia.

It provides leadership, direction and a unified voice for more than 800 community-based, non-government organisations who work with mental health consumers and carers across the nation and who are members of, or affiliated with, the various coalition members.

Links to other CMHA members and the State peaks around Australia:

The prime roles and purpose of CMHA are to:

  • Provide a voice and represent the community managed mental health sector in national initiatives related to mental health and social inclusion initiatives

  • Enhance the capacity of coalition members to represent, support and strengthen the non-government community mental health sector

  • Collaborate to develop joint policy and advocacy papers that promote community mental health at national and state/territory level

  • Promote effective community-based mental health care and recovery

At national, state and local levels, CMHA seeks to:

  •      Increase understanding of the value of community mental health programs

  •      Expand recovery options within the community

  •      Influence government decision-making

  •      Improve funding for community-managed mental health services

  •      Improve capacity of the community mental health sector

  •      Foster effective partnerships to achieve shared goals

  •      Share knowledge and resources more effectively

  •      Drive innovation, based on recovery and inclusion

  •      Work together to provide leadership and advocacy