NDIS Workbook

Psychosocial Providers Readiness Workbook

The aim of this Workbook is to assist psychosocial disability providers to assess their organisational readiness to meet the NDIS Practice Standards, identify gaps in policy, procedure, and practice, and provide additional resources to help with filling those gaps, including mapping between the National Standards for Mental Health Services and the NDIS Practice Standards.

Why did we create a Workbook?
WAAMH undertook a consultation process with registered NDIS service providers operating in the psychosocial disability sector. During this process we repeatedly heard that there was a need for a resource specific for psychosocial disability service providers, to build capacity to achieve compliance with the NDIS Commission requirements.

We have developed this workbook to make the process easier and more relatable to existing knowledge. It has been developed employing the principles (and language) of recovery-oriented, trauma-informed care. We hope that by using this approach, this workbook is a useable resource that relates to the day-to-day operations of service delivery.

Rationale for Mapping
During the consultation process it was found that numerous providers of psychosocial supports were mental health providers and were already accredited against the National Standards for Mental Health Services (NSMHS). This means that these providers already have a large pool of evidence of quality that can be drawn on to meet the NDIS Practice Standards.   Those who are unfamiliar with the NSMHS will still benefit from using this Readiness Workbook to prepare for their NDIS registration renewal. A summary table showing how the two standards match up has been incorporated into the Appendix.

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