At the Western Australian Association for Mental Health, we are proud to be the leading voice in community mental health sector in Western Australia. Our unwavering commitment is to foster collaboration, drive positive change and ultimately create a healthier society where everyone’s mental health is valued and protected.

We know that mental health problems are impacted by economic, environmental, and social circumstances. Our work challenges inequalities by helping our most vulnerable communities.  We take a multifaceted approach which includes research, advocacy, workforce development, and community awareness campaigns which is key to making an impact on the mental health landscape.  

Some of the more specific ways we achieve this includes community consultation, lived experience initiatives, collaborative research projects, government submissions, co-designing policy and pursuing reform, and evidence-informed training courses.

Mental health in regional and remote Western Australia

Regional communities in Western Australia experience significant life challenges and pressures, coupled with increased difficulties in accessing support for mental health and other issues.

Young people and mental health

WAAMH promotes, advocates, and further develops a network of supports for young Western Australians in partnership with our members who provide mental health services, and ongoing engagement with many stakeholders across the mental health sector.

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Indigenous Australians and mental health

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, health is a holistic concept that includes physical, social, emotional, cultural, and spiritual wellbeing for the individual and the community. Culturally safe and holistic mental health services are required to build positive mental health outcomes.

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Community sport and mental health

Research suggests participation in community sport offers many proactive and preventative mental health benefits including social cohesion, improved self-esteem, a decreased prevalence of depression, and the alleviation of cognitive decline in older adults.

Criminal justice and mental health

The intersection of criminal justice and mental health in Western Australia is a multifaceted challenge for both systems. WAAMH is dedicated to building a more efficient and responsive criminal justice system for individuals experiencing mental health challenges in Western Australia.