Physical health diary App

Those with severe mental illness are 2.5 times more likely to die from preventable physical illness than people in the general population (Lawrence, Holman & Jablensky, 2001).

In response to a WA Department of Health review of the physical health of mental health consumers, The University of Western Australia and the Mental Health Commission have released an assessment and monitoring package for consumers, carers and clinicians;

‘Clinical Guidelines for the Physical Care of Mental Health Consumers’.

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The package features handbooks addressing five areas that impact the physical health of mental health consumers; lifestyle, physical conditions, alcohol & illicit drugs, social factors and medication effects. The handbooks can guide consumers and carers in making informed decisions to aid in the physical care of themselves and their families.

If you, or the consumers or carers in your networks are interested in accessing the package, please click the below links:

- Consumer Diary
- Carer Handbook

You can access general and clinical information about the guidelines here.

These information packages have since been adapted to a mobile App, so you can keep your own personal medical records with the physical health diary to track and improve your health, particularly if you take mental health medications.

This App is for consumers, carers and health practitioners and can be downloaed via your smart phone or here: