Regional Men's Health

We are a not for profit organisation funded to support rural and regional WA men and to promote and raise awareness of men’s holistic health and well-being.
Our primary role is to act as a conduit to assist men to access and get the appropriate service they require. We offer a service on community education on men’s holistic health and well-being and these services are available through three different programs. We are based in Northam and service the whole of rural and regional WA.

Regional Men's Health
Street Address
75 York Road, Northam, WA, 6401
96 902 277
[email protected]

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Services Provided

Individual Advocacy

We support positive change concerning men’s wellbeing and health by: • Promoting the motto … before it all gets too much … Talk to a Mate! • Providing personal short term resilience support. • Providing critical links to professional services. • Continuing to pioneer men’s holistic health and wellbeing at every opportunity.

Who it's for

Adult men

  • BUCKLAND 10 km

Education, Employment & Training

Warrior Education Sessions: We talk about blokes physical, mental, and social/spiritual well-being with an emphasis on men’s holistic well-being, which means the whole person and understanding problems/issues in the context of their life. We believe we are more than just physical and mental beings, the often neglected element, is our “social/spiritual” well-being. We promote the important requirement to know and understand the story behind our identity and what makes us an individual.

Who it's for

Men's holistic wellbeing

  • BUCKLAND 10 km