Grow provides weekly mutual help support groups for people with a mental illness and those experiencing difficulty in coping with life’s challenges. Grow groups are open to all and free to attend. No referral is needed. At the group you will be supported in a structured and safe environment. Ongoing education, training and social activities are also offered for members of the Grow community.

Street Address
118 Parry St, Perth, WA, 6000
08 9228 1411
[email protected]

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Services Provided

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  • Phone Support

Mutual Support and Self Help

Grow weekly mutual support groups are run by members in community in 20 different locations throughout the Perth metropolitan area. The program supports people to develop necessary skills to take control of their lives. Cost Free / no referral needed

Who it's for

People over 18 with or without a mental illness diagnosis. (Over 16 with parental consent).

Funded by

Mental Health Commission

  • PERTH 25 km

Mental Health Promotion

Grow offer mental health promotion and stigma reduction presentations throughout the Perth metropolitan area to community, government and the corporate sector. Grow’s Odd Socks Day on the first Friday in October before national Mental Health Week is an opportunity for everyone to “pull on your odd socks and help stomp out stigma.” Website:

Who it's for

Adult, Men, Women and Carers

  • PERTH 25 km

Mental Illness Prevention

Grow’s program of personal growth is applicable to people at all stages of their lives. Through regular participation in Grow weekly support groups participant’s support one another to use the program to learn new skills and strategies that are effective in mental illness prevention as much as they are useful in rehabilitation and recovery. Cost: Free / no referral needed

Who it's for

Open to all adults

  • PERTH 25 km