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DISCHARGED facilitates suicide peer support groups for those with personal experience of suicidal thoughts, feelings or actions.
It is an entirely voluntary and peer run service that has been operating since 2018.

The name is acronym for the values the service stands for.
"We believe that people are Deserving of Inclusion, Support, Community, Hope, Authenticity, Respect, Growth, Empathy and Dignity.
The name which is also associated with the processes of leaving hospital, reflects a desire for alternative options to current crisis management systems that emphasise in-patient treatment."

Both Founders openly identify as transgender and facilitate a suicide peer support group for trans, gender diverse and gender questioning individuals.

Very LGBTI friendly.

Street Address
email for info, Perth, WA, 6007
[email protected]

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Services Provided

Mutual Support and Self Help

DISCHARGED operates suicide peer support groups - in person and online. The groups are free and create a space for people with suicidal thoughts or feelings, to come together and talk about suicide without being judged or put through a crisis management system. All facilitators have lived experience and our groups have a self-help focus where we mindfully listen to each other’s stories, rather than trying to ‘fix’ or diagnose people. The groups are non-clinical, confidential spaces.

Who it's for

people who have experienced suicidal thoughts, feelings or actions.