Prevention or Promotion Award, sponsored by Lifeline WA

Erin Erceg 

Erin Erceg is well-known internationally and nationally for her innovative contribution to practice-based research to enhance children's and adolescents' mental health and wellbeing. Her reputation has been garnered through her national school-based leadership building primary and secondary students’ social and emotional skills and reducing bullying behaviour, and importantly translating her research outcomes into state and national policy and practice outcomes. Erin has achieved this over the past 22 years as the leader of the Friendly Schools initiative and research in Australian schools. Erin’s expertise and her team’s research has significantly influenced the extent and direction of bullying prevention in Australia.  

Youth Focus 

Youth Focus is a leading mental health provider which has been supporting the wellbeing of young people in the WA community for 27 years. Youth Focus exists because almost every week, one Western Australian child, sibling, relative or friend under the age of 25 dies by suicide. For each suicide there are about 20 other people who have attempted. The ripple effect of suicide and feelings of loss, sadness and loneliness are felt deeply by individuals, families and entire communities. Youth Focus' mission is to equip young people with mental health challenges to lead meaningful lives.   


HelpingMinds reaches more than 25,000 children, youth, adults and families affected by mental health challenges every year in WA and the Northern Territory. The not-for-profit organisation was established in Perth 45 years ago as the then known Association of Relatives and Friends of the Mentally Ill. HelpingMinds provides quality, confidential support and services to people who are caring for someone with a mental health challenge or individuals who are affected by a mental health challenge. HelpingMinds demonstrated leadership in mental health promotion and prevention by running a seven day 100 per cent organic integrated marketing campaign during Mental Health Week and Carers Week 2020, which occurred across the same week. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of mental health and how to help another person such as a family member, friend, colleague or neighbour, who is having a difficult time with their mental health. 

Mentally Healthy WA – Act-Belong-Commit 

Developed by Curtin University researchers in 2002, Act-Belong-Commit (ABC) is an evidence-based health promotion program designed to encourage people to take action to improve and protect their mental health and wellbeing. ABC operates in the primary prevention sector, to promote good mental health strategies at the individual and community level and encourage the creation of supportive environments for good mental health across a variety of settings. Its vision is a society which values mental health and where everyone can be mentally healthy. ABC’s mission is to enhance population mental health by creating supportive environments which strengthen individual and community resilience.