NDIS Psychosocial Disability Forum

NDIS Psychosocial Disability Provider Forum with NDIA Strategic Advisor on Mental Health

WAAMH CEO Taryn Harvey welcomed participants to a workshop for service providers on the complex space that is psychosocial disability and the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

In the video link below, watch Strategic Advisor on Mental Health to the NDIA Dr Gerry Naughtin present on the strategic changes the NDIA is making to improve access to and the experiences of the NDIS for people with psychosocial disability. Dr Naughtin also sets out other elements of the mental health service system and where the NDIS fits into this messy space.

This event, held on 18 November 2018, was hosted by WAAMH, and funded and organised by the NDIA. WAAMH particularly acknowledges the NDIA for funding the recording of these events to improve access to information for people outside metropolitan areas.

Recording link - Taryn Harvey and Dr Gerry Naughtin on NDIS for mental health service providers.

Slides - Dr Gerry Naughtin's presentation. 


NDIS Access and Psychosocial Disability Workshop with the NDIA

Watch Elspeth Jordan, from the NDIA mental health team, explain in depth the NDIS access rules for psychosocial disability (a disability caused by a person’s mental health issues) including what ‘likely to be permanent’ means, and that an episodic mental health issue can still qualify.

Elspeth provides detailed advice on gathering and presenting evidence for access requests through several case studies, including comments on what sort of language and descriptors are helpful and unhelpful.

Elspeth dispels myths around specific diagnoses’ and automatic access, and the nuances of access to the NDIS for people with a psychosocial disability, including for people with a co-occurring alcohol and other drug issue.

To meet the likely to be permanent criteria, an access request needs to demonstrate that a person’s clinical recovery is not likely – this means that the person has tried treatments and interventions as prescribed and the impairment remains.

This event, held on 18 November 2018, was funded and organised by the NDIA.

Video link - Elspeth Jordan on the rules of accessing NDIS for people with psychosocial disability.

Slides - Elspeth Jordan's presentation.