Brain Ambulance

Brain Ambulance's Mental Health education series teaches Mental Health literacy and how to work with and live with someone who may have a mental health issue.

Brain Ambulance's KeepingSane series offer presentations and worshops that enable us to to look after our own mental health and wellbeing. The KeepingSane series covers individuals, teams, and various work and life contexts.

Brain Ambulance
Street Address
10 Parkview Road,, Mandurah, WA, 6210
0428 792 256
[email protected]

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Services Provided

Workplace Wellbeing

Mental Health First Aid is available including the Mental Health Response Box. Additionally, a range of workplace workshops include: -Keeping Sane® in a Busy Workplace -Workshopping A Wellness Plan For Individuals and Teams -Keeping Sane® for Managers and Supervisors -Keeping Sane® In A Fluoro Uniform -Keeping Sane® and Building Sane Teams -Keeping Sane® in a Lunch Box

Who it's for

The workforce and workplaces

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