Systemic Advocacy

By drawing on the expertise and experience of our members, consumers and carers, WAAMH advocates locally and nationally for effective public policy on mental health issues.

State Election 2017 Campaign

20 Feb 2017

Make Mental Health Count - Hospital beds don't add up

An infographic explaining the cost savings of diverting more funds away from the acute end of the mental health system and into early intervention, person-centered services and community supports.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

5 Dec 2016

Media Release - Inquiry points to work still to do on NDIS and psycho-social disability

WHILE the future governance of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Western Australia was recently decided, there are still key issues relating to psycho-social disability under the scheme which need to be addressed.

Justice Systems

1 Dec 2016

Media Release - WAAMH welcomes Senate Inquiry recommendation to abolish indefinite detention

AFTER more than a decade of lobbying for the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act to be amended, Western Australia’s peak body for mental health, the WA Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) has welcomed the long awaited Senate’s report on the indefinite detention of people with disability or psychiatric impairment.

Welfare Reform

9 Sep 2016

WAAMH DDWA Submission Senate Enquiry Omnibus Bill 2016

WAAMH has made a submission to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee examining the Commonwealth Budget Savings Bill. The committee will report on 13th September.

Mental Health 10 Year Plan

16 May 2016

Media Release - Ten Year Plan Derailed By NGO Cuts in Budget

WAAMH believes the Ten Year Mental Health Services Plan has been derailed by savage cuts to the most under-resourced segment of the WA’s mental health system following the release of the state budget this week.

Mental Health Act

21 Mar 2016

Don't Mess with Mental Health: WA to retain a Minister for Mental Health

WAAMH is opposed to removing WA’s dedicated Minister for Mental Health and merging the Mental Health Commission back into the Department of Health. Thanks to your support, the Premier has recently made a commitment to maintaining the Mental Health Minister and Commission.

Commonwealth Funding

4 Feb 2016

Commonwealth Reform

WAPHA has released its latest briefing about how Commonwealth reform will impact WA. It includes information on funding and program transition arrangements for Commonwealth funded programs including PiR and Day to Day Living, as well as Headspace transition arrangements and national leadership.

Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse

8 Feb 2016

COMHWA's submission for the inquiry into violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability in institutional and residential settings

Read Consumers of Mental Health WA (COMHWA)'s submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee for the inquiry into violence, abuse and neglect against people with disability in institutional and residential settings.


22 Feb 2017

Housing, Homelessness and Mental Health Jurisdictional Workshop

Paid Participation Policy for consumers and carers in the National Mental Health Commission's workshop group in Perth.

National Mental Health Services Review

26 Nov 2015

Media Release - WAAMH welcomes federal government response to the National Review of Mental Health Services and Programs

WAAMH welcomes the federal government’s response to the National Review of Mental Health Services and Programs, but questioned whether the plan could be achieved without up-front investment.