Justice for mentally impaired in WA is long overdue

The Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) support calls from Greens spokesperson for Mental Health and Disability Hon Alison Xamon MLC to the Attorney General to act on his promises to reform the heinous Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act as a matter of urgency. 

We welcome the full media statement (link below) from Ms Xamon dated 13 March 2019 relating to the much-needed, over due (and yet promised) reform of the CLMIA Act and strongly support her pressure on the AG and current Government to achieve this. 

“Not only are people with mental impairments vulnerable to abuse in prison, they are also vulnerable to committing further crimes for things like assault because they are in a highly stressful, non-therapeutic environment with diminished cognitive resources to cope with these challenges," Greens spokesperson for Mental Health and Disability Hon Alison Xamon MLC stated. 

“We have waited long enough, the Attorney General must introduce reforms to CLMIA as a matter of urgency, and ensure that these reforms apply retrospectively to people already on custody orders. 

“Rights are rights and they should apply equally to all -  no matter when the custody order was issued.”

Access Greens Media Statement here: http://alisonxamon.org.au/justice-wa’s-mentally-impaired-long-overdue-greens 

See more of WAAMH's advocacy work for reforming CLMIA here: https://waamh.org.au/systemic-advocacy/justice-systems/