Individual Placement & Support (IPS)

IPS is an evidence-based, supported employment model providing a means for individuals living with a mental illness to seek and obtain competitive employment. We are leading a project to implement the well researched IPS model in Western Australia.

IPS supports that paid employment is a human need; it is a model that fosters hope, participation and a sense of a better and brighter future. Employment can reduce and/or stabilise symptoms, increase self-worth and provide an increased disposable income for those with a lived experience of mental illness.

Randomised controlled trials have demonstrated that individuals with a lived experience of mental illness are three times more likely to obtain competitive paid employment when accessing IPS programs.

Individualised and Person-Centred

IPS services are based on individual preferences. A genuine desire and motivation to seek employment is the main criteria for people wanting to obtain their ideal job. An individual's personal interests, strengths, skills and experience are explored. IPS is more than filling a job vacancy - it's about fulfilling an employment dream.

Promotes Recovery, Wellness and Social Inclusion

Employment is important to our social status and identity as it provides social connectivity. Employment can reduce negative mental health symptoms and hospital admissions. Importantly, employment offers self esteem, self worth, increased confidence, responsibility and independence.

Challenges Stigma

Discrimination of people with experience of mental illness is a real obstacle to finding and keeping meaningful employment. Misconceptions and low expectations of society, communities, families and individuals towards those with a mental illness can impact on recruitment and hiring opportunities.

The 8 core practice principles

  1. Competitive employment
  2. Integrated with mental health treatment
  3. Zero exclusion
  4. Individual preferences
  5. Benefits counseling
  6. Rapid Job Search
  7. Job Development
  8. Time unlimited and individualised support

How can services implement IPS?

Whilst approximately three quarters of people with mental illness are typically excluded from the competitive labour market, evidence suggests individuals with mental illness want to work. Find out how IPS can make this happen.

"People with mental illness are the largest disability group accessing disability employment services and have the poorest outcomes for gaining and maintaining employment."

World Health Organisation 

How is IPS being implemented globally?

Find additional information about research, fidelity and IPS implementation, with useful links to other sites around Australia and the world.


For more information contact IPS State Project Lead Philleen Dickson or phone WAAMH on 08 6246 3000.