Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice blogs feature opinion, news, debate and key learning’s around topical issues affecting the WA National Disability Scheme (NDIS) My Way trial sites. In addition to posts from the WAAMH team, it also features reference links and guest blogs from consumers, carers, service providers, and government representatives.

Our blogs on the NDIS My Way trial sites to date include:


In June 2016, WAAMH facilitated the establishment of a learning network, known as the Community of Practice, located in the Lower South West NDIS My Way trial site. The power point presentation from this inaugural Community of Practice meeting can be located here.

The Community of Practice is defined by a process of learning which occurs between meeting stakeholders, which is then directed outside this network to a wider group within the community.

In this case, the focus of learning is psycho-social disability support through the NDIS My Way trial sites.

Group stakeholders include NDIS My Way, community-managed mental health organisations, disability service organisations, public mental health services, consumers, family members and carers .

Through the Community of Practice, the learning process provides a means of circulating information to, and gathering information from, those involved. It also provides a conduit for information provision to the Disability Services Commission and other stakeholders involved in NDIS My Way trial sites.

A full report outlining the project background and aims can be located here.

Through a series of blogs about the trial site, you can read our take on the sector’s important questions, join in the discussion and share your views. We welcome public discussion on this Community of Practice at the end of each blog and on Facebook.