WAAMH's lived experience partnership in action

WAAMH’s lived experience partnership in action

WAAMH has been working closely with consumer and carer partners over the last couple of years to improve our lived experience partnership (LEP) practice. This work has included:

  • Governance and Leadership

Lived Experience Partnership WAAMH Board Subcommittee

This subcommittee has focused on improving governance, including the development and finalisation of a Lived Experience Partnership Policy. This governance level policy establishes what WAAMH will do to integrate LEP into governance, including strengthening commitment and practice of the Board of Directors. Another positive outcome of the subcommittee has been vastly increased capacity and knowledge of WAAMH staff in this area.

  • Policy

Other policy development has occurred at the operational level with the establishment of a Lived Experience Partnership Payments Policy.This policy sets out a tiered approach to payments informed by our friends at the In Community Project and the Mental Health Commission. A further Lived Experience Partnership Operational Policy is currently in development.

  • Practice Integration 

Integrating lived experience into WAAMH practice across our operations has been strengthened at WAAMH over the past twelve months. This has included strengthening consumer, carer and family input into WAAMH operations such as Steering Committees.

A highlight of this work was featured at the WAAMH Conference where more than 50 people with lived experience attended and scholarships were granted. 

For more information, contact: Chelsea McKinney

  • Projects with a strong lived experience component 

Increasing Member Participation: Advocacy and Co-production Training (IMPACT) project