About Us

Who are we?

The Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) is the peak body for the community-managed mental health sector in Western Australia, with around 200 organisational and individual members.

Community-managed organisations provide a critical network of services that support people affected by mental illness and their families, and help them live valued lives in their community.

WAAMH has been engaged in the mental health sector for more than 50 years. We advocate for effective public policy on mental health issues, deliver workforce training and sector development, and promote positive attitudes to mental health and recoveryFor a downloadable brochure about WAAMH, click here.

Our Vision

As a human right, every one of us who experiences mental health issues has the resources and support needed to recover, lead a good life, and ensure our most intrinsic needs are met, while being able to contribute as active citizens.

Our Values

Acceptance - Understanding that mental health challenges are a normal part of the human condition.

Agency - Upholding the importance of personal choice, self-direction, hope for the future and control over your life and destiny.

Respect - Valuing the dignity, unique qualities, knowledge and experience of each person.

Inclusion - Fostering opportunities for each person to engage in community and experience a sense of belonging.

Tenacity - As a peak body, being persistent and steadfast in pursuing our vision whilst acting with humility and integrity. 

Our Mission

WAAMH influences mental health reform through systemic advocacy, community education, sector development and innovation for the benefit of people with mental health issues, their families and carers.

Our Role

We support the development of the community-managed mental health sector, undertake systemic advocacy and representation and influence public policy for the benefit of people with mental illness, and their families and carers. We fulfil this role by engaging in three key priority areas of work:

Leadership, representation & advocacy

We draw on the expertise and experiences of our members, consumers and carers to advocate locally and nationally for effective public policy on mental health issues.

Sector development & capacity building

We support the sector to deliver recovery-oriented, person-centred and family-inclusive services, through sharing expertise, fostering collaboration, and delivering targeted workforce development and training activities.

Mental health promotion & human rights advocacy

We promote positive attitudes to mental health and advocating for the human rights of people with mental health issues and their families and carers.