About Us


The Western Australian Association for Mental Health (WAAMH) is the peak body for the community mental health sector in Western Australia and exists to champion mental wellbeing, recovery and citizenship.

WAAMH recognises a continuum of supports - built on principles of human rights, recovery, co-production, personalisation and choice, social inclusion and cultural connection - are essential to the promotion, protection and restoration of mental wellbeing. WAAMH promotes, advocates for and further develops this network of supports.

WAAMH’s membership comprises community managed organisations providing mental health services, programs or supports and people and families with lived experience of mental health issues and suicide, with whom WAAMH engages in genuine partnership. WAAMH also engages a wide network of collaborative relationships at a state and national level with individuals, organisations and community members which share its values and objectives.

Our Vision

As a human right, every one of us will have the resources and support needed for mental wellbeing, recovery and citizenship.

Our Values

Respect - Understanding mental health challenges are a normal part of the human condition; having compassion, valuing the dignity, unique qualities, knowledge and experience of each person.

Self-determination - Upholding the dignity of choice, self-direction, hope for the future and control over our life and destiny.

Inclusion - Fostering engagement, collaboration and partnership; encouraging diversity and listening.

Integrity - Acting with authenticity and curiosity; being prepared to question and critique, critically consider evidence; pursue excellence.

Courage - Being persistent, tenacious and steadfast in pursuing WAAMH’s vision and values while acting with humility.

Our Mission 

WAAMH influences community attitudes, mental health priorities, policy and practice through mental health promotion, systemic advocacy and development so Western Australians have the rights, resources and support needed for mental wellbeing, recovery, and citizenship.

Our Role

We support the development of the community-managed mental health sector, undertake systemic advocacy and representation and influence public policy for the benefit of people with mental illness, and their families and carers. We fulfil this role by engaging in three key priority areas of work:

Leadership, representation & advocacy

We draw on the expertise and experiences of our members, consumers and carers to advocate locally and nationally for effective public policy on mental health issues.

Sector development & capacity building

We support the sector to deliver recovery-oriented, person-centred and family-inclusive services, through sharing expertise, fostering collaboration, and delivering targeted workforce development and training activities.

Mental health promotion & human rights advocacy

We promote positive attitudes to mental health and advocating for the human rights of people with mental health issues and their families and carers.